About me

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Giovanni Gargiulo, and I’m a seasoned Software Engineer.

In my more than ten years of commercial experience, I’ve been mostly working on JVM languages such as Java and Scala.

In the last couple of years I’ve become very passionate about Kubernetes and related technologies, and this has allowed me to help with the adoption of kubernetes in the company I work for.

Because the Cloud Native ecosystem is still very young, many projects in this area are moving very fast and not always documentations of such projects moves at the same speed. This means that as long as you’re using these tools and frameworks in their most common configuration, you will have an easy life, but, as soon as you need some sort of more particular configurations, then that’s when the madness happens. Reality is that if you are using these tools for real production purposes, you have definitely banged your head at some stage.

With this blog I want to pick up the opportunity to discuss how I went about solving some challenges I face everyday at work, and pick up suggestions from the net so to provide even better, complete and reliable solutions.

Last but not the least, while you’ll find plenty of documentation on how to use istio or external-dns or argocd alone, you won’t find in their docs how to use these technologies together. Here in this blog you’ll find an attempt to blend these projects together with the aim of creating the infrastructure for running services on kubernetes at scale.

I hope you’ll find something interesting. Thanks and enjoy the read.

A bit about myself

I graduated in Naples, Italy in 2015 at the “Universit√† degli studi di Napoli” with the title of “Software Engineer”.

I started my career contracting in Naples first with Telecom Italia, and then in Rome with another couple of companies. I then decided to move to Dublin, Ireland, and I’ve been here since. In the ten plus years of working in Ireland, I’ve been lucky enough to work in very heterogeneous industries like gambling, e-commerce and fashion.

While in my early years I was mostly focusing on coding, as my career progressed I started to look at the broader software lifecycle and, with the explosion of cloud solutions, I started to be very interested into the operational side of the things. In recent years I’ve in fact become very passionate about some tools like Prometheus, Grafana and in the past couple of years Kubernetes.

Play with Prometheus - PromCon 2017 Munich - Germany
Play with Prometheus - PromCon 2017 Munich - Germany

Today I am part of the Machine Learning team and help data scientist to perform text classification at scale. I’m also proud member of the infrastructure team the looks after the kubernetes platform.

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